Personalized designs and carvings to complement the occasion
Single carved fruit items to let you create your own fruit trays or displays
Fruit and vegetable trays that will
start the conversation at your table
Any size,
Any shape,
Any occasion
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Welcome to Eye Catching Edibles

Yiota Thoma, founder of Eye Catching Edibles, will make your events special and unforgettable. Custom made fruit and vegetable carvings, displays, arrangements and artistic platters will impress your guests.

Fruit and vegetable art can be used anywhere, from table centerpieces, to buffet and dessert table decoration, fruit and vegetable platter decoration, or sent as a gift to someone special. Messages and logos can also be carved on watermelon and other melons, as well as any fair size fruit or vegetables.

The ideas are endless and can all be customized to your event and your budget. Let us help you host an event that your guests will remember forever.